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Hope is the right of every individual.  Nikia Solutions sees hope and the realization of that hope as our mission.  It is the driving force toward an improved future for every person in Africa, a future of well-being and abundance.  However, today it is often stifled in large part by poor health and a lack of education.  Our goal is to give hope and improve the lives of every individual, boy or girl, young and old, by delivering knowledge and understanding through the use of technology. 

We will accomplish this mission by providing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and services in support of digital education and workforce development across Sub-Saharan Africa.  It is a massive endeavor, but one worth striving for.  

Our mission is a bold one and requires skills and expertise far beyond what any single organization can provide.  We see and understand the challenges encountered by projects of this scope in the past and have learned form them.  To support our mission, we have assembled a team of ecosystem partners that fully encompass the skill and experience required to succeed at a project of this scale.  Our ecosystem includes experts in the areas such as technology, finance, project management, educational content, power, construction and more.  We engaage with country and local government officials as well as NGO's, to ensure that all of the stakeholders are aligned and support the outcomes.  Furthermore, to support our economic goals and the local economies, we have assembled a team of over 200 in country implementation partners.   

We utilize a holistic and human-centered approach supported by our comprehensive program management methodologies and extensive partnership ecosystem. We start with an in-country agile discovery and needs assessment process customized to a specific nation’s Education, ICT, and Economic Development Goals. Once a design framework and set of solutions are identified, we work across our ecosystem of partners to advance and assess pilot implementations to ensure the success of subsequent large-scale deployments. We work closely with national ministries and local stakeholders to design, deploy, and support school-based infrastructures for virtualization, application delivery, digital content, communication, data services, security, and power.

All classrooms are not the same, so a one-size fits all approach is not appropriate.  Many things must be considered, from access to power and roads, to curricula, language and cultural differences.  Projects must be tailored to align the needs of the of the country's political leaders with the local environment, culture and conditions.   In the past, projects implemented without this alignment have often had disappointing results.  The Digital Village Initiative aims to ensure success by combining global expertise with input from regional and local stakeholders, all with the goal of delivering education and hope to every boy and girl in country.  

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