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African Digital Hub Initiative (ADHI)


Nikia’s African Digital Hub Initiative (ADHI) was inspired to assist and structure comprehensive ICT solutions to transform & empower knowledge-based societies & economies. Nikia’s ADHI is beginning its initiative in Rwanda to enable up to 2,900+ digital hubs and is designed to scale & expand to over 35,000+ digital hubs in 10+ Africa nations by 2026. ADHI’s MSP technology services bridge the digital divide by providing free access to meaningful digital content, training & application access serving over 75% of citizens currently not able to afford digital access.

Nikia’s provides digital MSP services for several client types

  • Education- K-12 e-learning, STEM, distance learning, teacher training

  • Community- digital training & resources 

  • Government- E-Gov application citizen access- DOT, DOC, law enforcement, education, health, citizen identity etc.

  • Health NGOs- IoT, clinic/citizen data collection, edge analytics & content distribution

  • Business Application Platforms- ag-tech, maker lab & digital content creation platforms

  • Gender Empowerment NGOs- application platforms, ag-tech, business & leadership training programs

Our mission is a bold one and requires skills and expertise far beyond what any single organization can provide.  We see and understand the challenges encountered by projects of this scope in the past and have learned form them. To support our mission, we have assembled a team of ecosystem partners that fully encompass the skill and experience required to succeed at a project of this scale. Our ecosystem includes experts in the areas such as technology, finance, project management, educational content, power, construction and more. We engage with country and local government officials as well as NGO's, to ensure that all of the stakeholders are aligned and support the outcomes. Furthermore, to support our economic goals and the local economies, we have assembled a team of over 200 in country implementation partners.   

ADHI is a comprehensive & holistic solution utilizing Human-Centered Design principles and leading global program management methodologies. We apply best practices and technology from world-class Global ICT providers and work directly with regional ICT partners to install, implement, and provide long-term support for our Digital Hub solutions.


ADHI works alongside Government, NGOs and Business Leadership to empower sustainable digital solutions for:

  • Government Agency Services

  • NGO Health and Education Digital Missions

  • Global Health Initiatives

  • Digital Education

  • Gender Empowerment & Equality

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