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Regardless of the industry, whether public or private sector, digital technology is driving disruption and changing everything about the world in which we live.  Technology has changed how business is done, heavily in favor of the consumer.  The ability to engage digitally is no longer a nice to have, but a must have.  

The change requires more than IT can provide on their own.  They need C-level support from across the organization and skills that transcend IT.  Transformation requires change throughout the entire organization.


Our experts have deep industry and change management expertise so they bring exceptional operational and management experience in addition to technology experience.  Furthermore, Nikia collaborates with our partners to extend our value even more.   

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Energy and Utilities

Utilities in competitive retail territories as well as traditional regulated environments are struggling to reduce costs but retain customers and fend off new threats in distributed generation. By digitizing the customer experience, utilities can simultaneously improve the customer engagement, increase revenue and lower costs as well as drive new revenue sources. The ability to deliver new and more competitive services with our Dynamic Documents for functions such as billing, allows the customer to self-serve to resolve billing questions and issues and increases the adoption of electronic billing, thereby reducing mail/print costs as well as reducing call center interactions... the result is improved Customer Engagement while at the same time reducing costs.


Public Sector

Citizen engagement in the public sector is increasingly driven by consumer demand for always-on access to services. Citizens expect assistance with statements, permits, grievances, and the like, wherever and whenever they want, regardless of timing, channel or device. With many municipalities also providing utility services and billing, they are expected to behave more like their commercial counterparts.  With budgets and resources heavily constrained, the ability for self-service, improves efficiency, reduces call center volume, improves customer and employee satisfaction and has a dramatic positive impact on cost reduction efforts.




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