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Documents have pretty much remained the same for the past 75 years...
  But your customers' expectations haven't.
Your customers expect a lot more in the digital age.  Those old stagnant paper bills and statements are no longer effective.  Electronic statements are typically just images of paper documents, so why should your customers bother to change to electronic?  Portals are better but are cumbersome, require logins and don't qualify as legal documents.  
Interactive statements give your customers the ability to interact with their information to get exactly what they want when they want it, any time and without human intervention.  They also provide you the ability to guide them down an optimal path to a better outcome at a time when you are guaranteed to have their attention.  The result is improved customer engagement and new revenue streams.

Some things have changed a lot over the years...

Others, not so much

Nikia, in conjunction with InfoSlips, offers a service to design, deliver and optimize interactive dynamic documents providing  entirely new capabilities to your customers (see examples below). 
  •  Improve customer engagement and experience with 24x7 interaction
  • Provide new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to increase revenue
  • Reduce or eliminate the cost of printing and mailing
  • Reduce call center interaction with self-serve problem resolution
  • Differentiate your organization from your competition
Don't just reproduce paper statements in your digital channels, create useful, rich, interactive and engaging experiences.
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