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Digital Transformation

80-90% of digital transformation projects fail. 

Which group do you want to be in?

The Nikia Solutions approach to Digital Transformation focuses on your customer and delivering a better experience - as-a-service.  The result?  Improved profitability, lower cost, reduced risk...


The customer is at the core of your business.  Digital Transformation promises a better customer experience at a lower cost.

Ongoing improvement requires that solutions are continuously being monitored, tested and optimized for efficacy and usage.  

At the core of digital transformation is customer engagement

New and innovative technologies are being developed every day

Nikia Solutions is committed to presenting only the best technology solutions to meet our clients’ and their customers' needs, then ensuring that they are properly planned, implemented and refined over time.  As a business leader, you are busy with day to day operations.  Staying on top of new and innovative solutions takes time, expertise and resources you don't have.  And you can't break or disrupt day to day operations.  That is why our experts are here for you.  We scour the horizon for new  and transformative solutions that bring unparalleled value to your business.  We then help you plan, implement and improve over time.  Our experts are there to ensure your ongoing success, providing Business Value- as-a-Service.

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