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With today's tight budgets and scarce resources, it is challenging enough to keep operations running smoothly, much less implement new solutions and technologies.  Nikia collaborates with a number of Services Partners to provide expertise and scalability.  Like all of our partners, we select our Services Partners to verify their knowledge and ability to deliver.  Services not only include implementation services, but also customer engagement, project management, change management, security services and other services required to ensure a quality and on time delivery.    

Founded in 2002, SkillStorm specializes in providing services on the leading edge of technology. Our teams are tasked with executing high-impact projects such as developing applications in Agile environments, building mobile apps, harnessing “Big Data’s” potential and strengthening information security efforts for Fortune 1000 and fast-growing tech companies.

Whether working in a client facility or ours, SkillStorm solutions are flexible and scalable. We provide the level of management and reporting to fit client requirements. We can take full responsibility of the project or provide an as-needed style of collaboration through the project lifecycle.

Premier Logic is a digital solutions and technology firm.  We help companies with new or struggling digital initiatives through a combination of enterprise technology, digital services and product innovation

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Services Partners

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