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Public Sector

One of the most important aspects of digital transformation and the cloud in the government is how it brings citizens and businesses closer to their governments while at the same time improving efficiencies and cost structures.

Nowhere are budgets tighter than in Federal, state and local governments.  Cost, efficiency and security improvements are the expectation, and Nikia delivers.  With our as-a-service model, if you don't benefit, we don't benefit.  

Nikia Solutions can offer the most secure cloud security in the world, as a service.  Whether you have a public, private or hybrid cloud, you can instantly defend, detect, respond and recover from cyber security threats, all delivered as a monthly service.  

If your entity is responsible for billing or statements, let us explain the value of our dynamic documents - an electronic billing and statement service that allows the citizen to interact with the bill/statement and self serve the resolution of the issue, without having to be connected.  Dynamic documents deliver your citizens a closer connection and a better experience with the following benefits.    

  • Cost reduction - digital implementations can greatly reduce costs for things like mailing statements and bills

  • Citizen self-service - improves the citizen's experience and employee's satisfaction while reducing the need for additional staffing or call center personnel

  • Consolidation - by consolidating multiple functions, departments or data sources into a single secure application, redundancy and duplication of effort can be eliminated

  • Security - we can provide you with the world's most robust cloud security for public, private and hybrid cloud environments 

Fortunately, increasing engagement by citizens in the public sector doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  In fact, we can probably lower your costs for both documents and consumer support.  Powered by the the right technology, services and streamlined processes, both citizens and government entities benefit from a smarter approach to interactions. 


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Focus Areas
  • Transformation and cloud strategy and planning

  • Pay and Benefits Statement 

  • Combined Statements - cross department

  • Billing for Services (Utilities)

  • Tax Statements

  • Customer Engagement

  • Cloud Migration/Integration

  • Cloud Security Services

  • On-Prem Security Service

  • Secure Documents Management

  • IT Operations - machine learning and automation

  • Social Security Statements

  • Medicare Statements

  • Technical Staff Augmentation

  • Diversity Procurement

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