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Energy and Utilities

Utilities in competitive retail territories as well as traditional regulated environments are struggling to retain customers and fend off new threats in distributed generation. By digitizing the customer experience, utilities can simultaneously improve the customer engagement, increase revenue and lower costs. Recognizing the potential benefits, most major utility suppliers have begun investing online and mobile channels and moving to dynamic documents.

Most customers would welcome a multi-channel platform that seamlessly connects their interactions across all channels—online, mobile, call center, and sales. For utilities, the improved customer processes are also more cost effective. Furthermore, a seamless multi-channel platform is a requirement for the profitable analysis of customer behavior through the entire customer journey. Utilities are using advanced analytics to enhance service quality, lower costs, and preserve and deepen customer relationships. By using customer data analytics to make process improvements and consumer trends, suppliers are able to increase up-selling and cross-selling significantly, while simultaneously reducing costs.

Nikia Solutions provides a service for Dynamic Documents which is used for billing in the utility sector.  Rather than delivering a paper or pdf document, we design and deliver interactive documents (bills) that are far less expensive than mail and far more useful and interactive, allowing consumers to self-service many of their own problems and disputes.    Imagine receiving your monthly bill where you could view historical usage, schedule an energy audit, resolve a dispute or misunderstanding online, pay your bill with a click, receive special offers, review trends and anomalies in usage and more.

Some of the benefits of the Dynamic Document experience are:

  • Improved customer experience – more information in an interactive format for historical data drill down

  • Improved payment times – bills can be paid immediately

  • Reduced cost of billing – eliminating the need for printing and mailing and eliminating address change errors

  • Increased revenue from cross selling and special offers

  • Lower cost of problem/dispute/inquiry resolution – reducing the need for call center staffing

  • Reduction in errors and omissions

  • Improved analytics – track customer interactions

Focus Areas
  • Transformation and cloud strategy and planning

  • Utillity Billing

  • Combined Billing

  • Customer Engagement

  • Cloud Migration/Integration

  • Cloud Security Services

  • On-Prem Security Service

  • Secure Document Management

  • IT Operations - machine learning and automation

  • Payroll / Employee Benefits

  • Technical Staff Augmentation

  • Diversity Procurement

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