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Don't feel like you are all alone on this journey...

Nikia is with you - before, during and after.

Business Value-as-a-Service

  •  We don't deliver and leave.  We are partners in success and work with you over the following months and years to continuously improve your results.  It's a part of our service.

  • We don't just deliver technology, we deliver BusinessValue-as-a-Service - generating revenue while reducing cost and risk.

  • We believe companies can do much more to gain value from investments they have already made, even as they envision radically new ways of working.

  • Our team of project leaders all have decades of experience - coming out of the business world, they are business advisors first, technologists second, thereby committed to getting real business results.

  • We constantly scour the innovation landscape for new capabilities and breakthrough solutions and manage the partnerships for you.

  • Each capability offered is evaluated in a rigorous framework to ensure business value and mitigate risk.

  • Each of our clients has an experienced team assigned that consists of broad range of skills and expertise to ensure on time and on track delivery. 

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to change  lives and the way the world does business in the new Digital Economy, one client, one customer, one person at a time, by delivering on the promise of technology.

Our Vision is to become the world's most trusted, innovative and transformative partner for our clients and their customers and provide continuous improvement.

What We Do

At Nikia Solutions, we enhance people's lives through technology.  Never content with "as is," Nikia believes organizations can do much more to deliver and gain value from their existing systems and the investments they have already made.  We  research, innovate and advise our clients on the best technologies and practices to meet their desired outcomes, then we help prioritize, implement and deliver these technologies in the form of an as-a-service offering.  Our team doesn't leave you after implementation.  We continue to work with you to further improve your success -  In short, Nikia Solutions provides innovation and value, as-a-Service." 

Our Technologies

At Nikia Solutions, technologies have no limits.  They can be specifically tailored to any need, organization, country, state or local environment. We constantly scour the technology landscape to locate technologies, applications and partners to provide exceptional innovation and integrate them into your existing environment with little to no disruption.  We are heavily invested in technologies that deliver quantifiable value in the areas of customer engagement/experience and cyber security for both public and private sectors. 

Our Focus

Our focus is on innovation and value, whether it is in support of profitability, efficiency, risk avoidance or enhancing dated technologies and applications.  It results in increasing revenues and reducing costs while providing a better customer experience.  Our advisors have real world business experience which provides them both the credibility and knowledge to cross the organization and provide business advice and change management as well as technology advice.  We also work with a global ecosystem of partners and alliances to further deliver the outcomes you desire.  We at Nikia will support your organization throughout the implementation process and deliver these technologies to you as an as-a-service offering.  

Our Story

Nikia Solutions was formed by a group of senior business executives who were also involved in technology.  They recognized the rapid pace of change in the industry and wanted to focus on more than just delivering products and services.  Their goal was to use technology to improve the customer's experiences and, in fact, use technology to change their lives.  Digital Transformation is changing how things are done and businesses and governmental entities needed a company who could help them identify, prioritize and rapidly implement the technologies that would help them thrive in the new digital economy. 


A small and tightly focused company, Nikia Solutions, was formed to do just that.  Combining business and expertise with technology allowed us to understand and help manage the impact that transformation has across the different functional areas of the business, making IT a business enabler rather than a cost center.  They recognized that technology was the key enabler to “know thy customer” and improve the customer’s experience.

Today, we have grown to work with major international customers, governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies and integrators to join them on their journey.  Born in the cloud, our intent remains to be innovative and agile and provide innovation and value.   

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  • Bring forth new perspectives and ideas

  • Listen, really listen - then respond quickly

  • Understand your needs and wants

  • Craft a compelling solution to meet your needs

  • Navigate internal silos

  • Identify and avoid potential pitfalls

  • Provide a solution that is superior to others

  • Exceed expectations

  • Always do the right thing

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